Precast Concrete Walls

precast concrete wall

Precast concrete Walls are a panel system featuring solid precast walls in the typical thickness of 6 inches or greater may be non-load bearing or load-bearing. the mix design is available to meet design requirements Reveals, articulation, decorative accents, etc.

Precast Advantages

  • Our Wall Panel Systems Provide Peak Performance

It is from High Concrete Group LLC known for providing peak performance. all walls include weather tight enclosures for maximum protection against mold and blast-resistant for maximum security and mildew and their superior structural strength makes them highly impactful. The durability of meeting the long-term construction needs of our wall panels systems makes them the ideal choice.

  •  Construction Solution and Cost-Effective Design are Precast Concrete Walls

Our all wall panels systems are also designed to be a cost-effective solution. Their lifecycle costs and low maintenance can offer substantial savings over the long term. can allow you to speed up your construction schedule and The walls are manufactured off-site in a factory-controlled environment, outdoor precast processes, and resulting in faster structure completion and revenue-generating availability than is offered by on-site cast-in-place.

  • Environmentally Friendly are Precast Concrete Walls

In these times when concern about preservation and protection of natural resources is paramount and its good wall panel systems are environmentally friendly. with the added benefit of lowering your energy costs and Their high thermal mass can help you save energy.

  • Our Wall Panel Systems can be a benefit for the  Designers

enjoy the benefits of designers having an incredible variety of options regarding texture, form, and color as well as the freedom and flexibility to create brighter and more open building interiors. As a more added service, make useful suggestions for improvements and High Concrete Group can evaluate your drawings.

  •  Precast Concrete Experience Over 50 Years 

over 50 years of precast concrete experience high Concrete Groups offers and during which time we have established a reputation as an industry innovator. focus on developing long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering value-added services such as online learning opportunities, free quotes, and continuing education programs.

  •  6 inches thickness or greater
  •  multiple finishes, colors, textures, Aesthetic flexibility, and shapes
  • Required the Separate insulation system.application 


 Require Exterior walls supplemental insulation systems to conform with energy code requirements. Available are Interior walls with a paint-ready trowel-finished surface.

Save money precast concrete structure.

  1. save money on precast
  2.  cuts of transports cost
  1.   versatile of precast
  2.   precast benefits of cross industries 
  3.   prevents delays of precast
  4.   precast offers superior quality
  5.   ideal for the various structure types
  6.   some site requires prior production
  7.   enhances safety
  8.   precast of improves energy efficiency
  9.   precast is aesthetically pleasing
  • Concrete Wall Cost Per Linear Foot

Expect to pay between $29 and $41 dollar per linear foot for a concrete wall when working with concrete contractors. 

  • Cost of Concrete Wall Per Square Foot

Depending on the location and thickness of the concrete wall, you might pay anywhere from $9 to $61 dollar per square foot. If you are building a retaining wall on a hill $90 per square foot.

  • Precast Concrete Walls Cost

 It’s less expensive, an estimated 23%  than poured concrete, installing a precast concrete wall costs $4,822 dollars on average.

  • Concrete Wall Prices of Prefab

It costs owners of homes between $1,648 to $8,000.

precast concrete walls


  • Board Formed Concrete Cost

 Owners of Home pay at least $30 to $50 per square foot for board-formed concrete.

  • Poured Concrete Foundation Walls

It costs anywhere from $7,000 to $21,000, including the cost of a concrete slab.

  • Cost of Poured Concrete Basement Walls 

The cost of poured concrete basement walls ranges from $2,900 to $10,350.


Precast concrete construction, a highly efficient method of concrete construction, makes beautiful buildings possible at a cost that rivals even the most utilitarian industry of building.

  1. Aesthetically Versatile
  2. Reduced Costs
  3. Thermal Efficient
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. Sound Control
  6. Wi-Fi Compatible
  7. Design-Build Efficiency
  8. Environment Resistant
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