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Disadvantages of glass fiber reinforced Gypsum

Disadvantages of glass fiber reinforced gypsum

There are too many advances in every field, including the construction field.


If we are renovating our building or home from scratch, we might have come across the glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum panels that now intend to provide a better look to our home. These panels are made from gypsum plaster, which is why they are known for their overall look and durability. The people refer to this panel in construction as rapid walls.

Usually- grade glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum panels are used for non-structural and structural applications in dry areas. However, these types of panels are generally not suitable for building external or internal walls.

Disadvantages of glass fiber reinforced gypsum
Disadvantages of glass fiber reinforced gypsum

And also, they are not recommended for building formwork for floors or walls.

Disadvantages of GFRG

  1. The architect or contractor might require skilled workers to handle the installation and working with these types of panels as it’s a bit more complicated than all other materials.
  2. There is quite a bit of designing and detailing needed in the GFRG panel, which can reduce the construction cost, so always consult our architect to quote the panels that we might require to use.
  3. It is manufactured from fiber materials. It is fragile and required to take care of while loading or transporting it.
  4. There are specific tools needed for cutting the glass fiber-reinforced-gypsum.
  5. These plants cannot be used for walls because they have high or circular curvature.
  6. Labors have more to be careful during the erection process of these panels.
  7. Crane required extra space for movement while installing these panels.
  8. It needs more space for a crane during glass fiber reinforced gypsum home construction.
  9. We need highly qualified and experienced laborers to install the GFRG.
  10. It is not used for the construction of walls with a circular shape.
  11. The glass-fiber-rein-forced-gypsum is required to be stacked neatly to avoid abrasion.
  12. The whole process of assembly and placement of the GFRG planes is complicated and challenging to follow.
  13. We required well care in the assembly and transportation process.
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