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ABOUT WEBSITE is a learning website for all Fresh Civil Engineers who done their civil engineering degrees or doing to gain civil practical knowledge related to Civil Engineering.

We notice that some fresh civil engineers who complete their degrees are lagging with small, small basics of civil engineering. So in this website we are starting to post new, new articles to educate all the fresh civil engineers to minimize their mistake in their practical filed by informing him/her all new latest update in Construction world and also everything related to Civil Engineering.


Our team mission is to give you a free online access for all fresh civil engineers to gain Practical knowledge with our good quality of civil engineering related educational materials which we collected from various eminent sources.

We want to make this platform as good as possible which promotes the civil engineering online learning concept and share our valuable civil engineering knowledge without any barriers to our students.


The person behind in this websit was Engineer Moid. He is a young civil engineer and also a YouTuer F&U FORYOU. He upload videos and tutorials related to civil engineering in his YouTube channel. He completed his graduation degree in BS-Civil Engineering in Jan-2017.


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