Weight of concrete per cubic foot?

The weight of concrete per cubic foot vary in different concrete mix design, It is an important factor to know the weight of any section of concrete that is being cut and the weight of the concrete is approximately 150 pounds per cubic foot. The formula for calculating the weight of concrete is

Length (f) x width (f) x Thickness (inches) / 12 x 150 = weight (in pounds)

Weight of concrete per cubic foot

The weight of the concrete is determined by its density which is based on the amount of aggregate, air and water in the mix

The piece should not be more than 1000 pounds each if removing the piece with a skid steer and it is important to remember that the more it will weigh when the reach of the skid steer is exceeded. Be sure not to exceed the maximum lifting required by the particular forklift if a forklift is being used.

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Use a forklift for the smaller pieces to avoid injuries and the piece should be about 75 to 125 pounds if you need to remove concrete by hand. It is important to remember to transfer much of the weight to the legs while doing any lifting.

Weight of concrete per cubic foot for Slabs:

The table is based on the cubic foot of cured concrete with an average weight of 150 lbs;

3 x 7 ft6 in1,575 lbs
4 x 8 ft6 in2,400 lbs
5 x 10 ft6 in3,750 lbs
8 x 10 ft6 in6, 000 lbs
concrete slab

Determine The Density Of Concrete:

The density of the concrete is measured by the mass and volume as shown in the formula given below:

Density (p) = mass (m) ÷ Volume (v)

The density of the aggregates depends on the type of stone which is used and the density of the concrete is 3.15 g/cm3. Gravel has a much higher density than vermiculite and the density of a typical concrete mix is 2.4 g/cm3.

The density of concrete in different units of measure is

1 in31.39 oz
1 ft3150  lb
1 yd34050 lb
1 m32400 kg

How Much Does Concrete Weight:

The weight of the concrete depends upon the air and moisture content it contains and 52 to 103 lbs per cubic foot is the cement density.

1920 kg per cubic meter is the density of lightweight concrete. The lightweight concrete is made with aggregate called pumice so lightweight concrete weighs less.

Weight of concrete per cubic foot

Density is a simple mass-to-volume ratio and the most accurate way to calculate the density of concrete is to measure known volume and weigh it. The density of concrete is checking strength by using test cylinders and a reduced density of normal concrete always means that there is a higher content of water which lowers the strength of concrete.

To predict possible strength these strength tests are done at 24 hrs, 7 days, and 28 days in the lab. Normal weight concrete weighs about 18 lbs per square foot with a standard thickness of 1.5 inches and lightweight concrete weighs 14.5 lbs per square foot with a standard thickness of 1.5 inches.

A large surface area would result in a considerable concrete weight saving and would be worth considering for flooring. Always know that lightweight concrete is usually double the price of regular concrete.

To Calculate How Much Square Foot Of Concrete Weighs:

To figure the weight of a square foot of concrete is based on how thick concrete is and there is a simple calculation for it given below;

Cubic foot concrete weighs 145 pounds

For the depth in feet divide the thickness of your concrete by 12.

E.g. 6 inches slab of concrete

6/12 = 5

So, the 6-inch slab is 5 feet thick

Then multiply the 5 feet thickness by 145 ponds & you get 72.5 pounds.

So this is calculated that a 6-inch thick slab weighs 72.5 pounds per square foot.

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