Red Bricks And its Features

Red Bricks

What is a brick.

Brick is a rectangular type of block fired in a kiln or dried to the is a very beautiful material for the large and small building. brick made on natural clay and sand. brick size in Pakistan mostly used on 9’/4 to 5/3 inch.

Red brick.

Red bricks are mostly used in the word for building construction. how clay bricks are made and fired, differences in quality, different classes and strength, how to select a good brick for the building, and how they should be used on construction work.

red brick wall

Strength of Red Brick.

The bricks tend to be very hard, dense and have been used for centuries as structural buildings on red bricks, i.e. the red bricks produce the structural strength of buildings. Red brick supports roofs and floors and is used without any brick used to build large buildings, churches, factories, and tall factory chimneys.cities were built from brick and still survive today and They are Victorian sewerage systems in major towns.

Manufacture of red brick.

They are three steps of manufactured clay mixture, compaction of clay in the mold, and they are fired in a kiln.Contain Manufactured bricks 50% to 60% silica (sand), 20% to 30% alumina (clay), 2% to 5% lime, up to 7%to 6% iron oxide and 1% to 0.25% magnesia.the local people simply use whatever is available to them. The resulting mixture has water added to clay make a soft mud that is formed into rectangular size blocks and either left in the sun to dry and then fired on the kiln.

Manufacture of red brick

When firing the clay needs to reach 895°C to 995°C so the silica will fuse together to give the brick strength.mould of brick keep on a little bit over the side because they are during the dried little compress the overall side of the brick.

The average size of red brick

Over the centuries the size of brick has developed which does not vary much from country to country. Standard brick size is around 9″ long, 4½” wide, and 3″ thick.

average size of red brick

Testing of Red Brick.

Redbrick tests similarly to ordinary brick tests two bricks bang them lightly together will give a ringing sound. second one method of testing You can try dropping them (you might end up with a brick on your head on)a hard brick will be brittle strong and break cleanly.

Special feature.

Redbrick is a completely unique building material that combines the artificial components and capabilities of nature. Solid red brick produced under the influence of high temperatures, environment durability, and friendliness, allows you to provide the optimum balance of strength and is formed from specialized grades of clay. allows even with minor mechanical damage to maintain the original strength characteristics and The absence of voids in the finished ceramic product provides it with a uniform composition. This is of great importance in cases when it comes to the construction of massive walls(heavy wall) subjected to the most intense loads.

special feature of red bricks


ordinary red bricks are different types. you can find more than 15,000 variants of such ceramic products in total sale. good varieties of ordinary brick are usually labeled M-150 in full-bodied performance. Used For the construction of the basement marking M-125. Used For the creation of fireplaces and other devices of air heating special ceramic products of furnace type bricks.

The dimension of bricks. 

The general size of the red brick is established by the current requirements of GOST 530-2007.NF. The size of this standard product is 65x120x250mm. When recommended to use this option transverse-longitudinal masonry walls. But the arrangement of walls or foundations is not only used. For example, the same euro kirpich thickness – 65 mm, but the dimensions are 85×250 mm.

dimension of bricks

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