The reinforcement detailing in drawings is to be used to do the work properly. In the drawings, the clear length (Dimensions) and the location of bars etc, was indicated.

Some rules of the drawing detail are following.

1: The scale of drawing is 1:10 or 1:20 is acceptable or recommended.

2: The beam, column and also slab indicated in the thin lines and the reinforcement should show in full in planes and elevations.

3: The indication of one or two reinforcement in drawing must be shown in full planes and elevations.

4: Every single number of the bar should be indicated and shown in fully detailed.

5: Every bar should shown by name and the type.

6: The dimensions must be shown in Meters (mm).

7: The diameter of the bar, spacing and the location of the bar was mentioned in the drawing.

There are three types of bars, which are used in constructions such as mild steel, round bars and deformed bars (high yield strength deformed bars).

The R, X, Y symbols are used in for these bars in drawing. The diameter of bar in millimeters is represented after these symbols such as R8 ,Y10 etc.

The number of bars is indicated as 2 – Y10. Means 2 bars having a diameter of 10 mm.

Spacing of reinforcement is indicated as R8 – 200. It means 8 mm bar having a spacing 200 mm c/c.

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