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Compressive Strength of Brick After 3 Tests

Compressive strength of brick

Bricks are primarily used in the construction of walls. Brick chips are also used with concrete where a stone is not available. Compressive strength of brick test used for determining under the brick carrying a load of brick capacity that help compressive strength machine.


Difference types of brick in compressive strength.

1.Brick test of compressive strength: (ISS 1077-1970)

Take several simple bricks fully submerged in the water for 24 hours and carry room 25 degrees. The brick simples after 24 hours out of the water and cleans the surface of simple brick clay, soil, waste material, etc., so now fill the brick with cement concrete. Then brick simple store the 24 hours for the sacking. Keep the brick simple in water for 7 days. Then brick simple out of the water than simply clean and dry. Each brick individually tests the compressive strength.

Brick kept frog up facing between the two plywood sheets. Then applied load uniformly 140kg/cm2/ minute.note the load until the brick broke. To find the compressive strength of brick, the total applied load is divided by the area of cm2.


So the same test all simple bricks note the result value of each simple and check the result difference from others.

For example, given the result above, the simple.

Brick test of compressive strength

  1. Compressive strength of brick simple 100kg /cm2
  2. Second simple 90kg/cm2
  3. 3rd simple 80kg/cm2
  4. 4th simple 35kg/cm2

    So we are commonly used for the construction of brick 35 kg /cm2

2. Water assumption test:(ISS 1077-1970);

Take the several simple bricks kept under the water during the 24 hours and then out in the water. Note the value of each sample brick before the immersed and after the out of the water is all simple than calculating the absorption. The absorption of water does not necessarily indicate the behavior of brick in seasons. Very Low water absorption (< 7 percent) usually indicates a high resistance to damage by freezing, and although some types of bricks have much higher absorption, water may also be frost resistant. Dry samples of brick are put in 105 o to 115 o C till these attain constant mass. Then note weight w1 of the bricks is recorded after cooling them to a temperature room.

3.Efflorescence test. (ISS 1077-1970).

Similarly, taken the same simple brick. Then each simple brick kept the dish container filled with pure water. So no less than immersed 2.5cm in water and kept the all simple 18 to 30 degree C room with the proper ventilation. Distilled water Add fresh quantity when the bricks simply have dried. So we find each simple note the result of brick all absorbed water see around the brick surface white color patch of salt.

Efflorescence test

An efflorescence test was reported.

Absorption value =wet of the weight of the brick-dry weight of brick/dry weight of brick *100

Absorption =w2-w1/w1*100

Nill. After the repeating wetted even do not deposit salt.

Slight. Salt forms only a skinny sticky layer.

Moderate. The salt forms flaky or becomes powdery.

Heavy. The surface area of salt deposits is 10-50 percent.

Severe. reported by drying and wetting with increasing salt deposing.

Tolerance test of brick dimension:(10777-1970).

Take the 20 simple bricks and remove any waste material from the brick surface, then arrange smooth surface in a straight series such as adjoining contact each other And brick laid lengthwise and brick face together each one. And check standard size off brick 9*9*19 following brick of specified.

The tolerances on the sizes of bricks are fixed by giving minimum and maximum dimensions. This measurement method of bricks is likely to contain brick bricks samples outside the prescribed limit of tolerance. Such lots should be rejected bricks to avoid complaints about the variation of perpends.

Tolerance test of brick dimension
A- class brick368-392174-186174-186
B- class brick350-410165-195165-195
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