Segregation in concrete

The causes of segregation in concrete is to be defined as the separation of the homogeneous mixtures of concrete.

Segregation in Concrete


1: It may cause due to the use of different weights or sizes of constituent particles.

2: It may also be caused by the separation of coarser particles.

3: It occurs in very wet mixes in which cement-past separates from the mix.

4: It occurs due to the poor handling of concrete (drooping of wet concrete above the considerable height)

5: It occurs by the use of an over – vibrator in concrete.(over vibrator use cause the separation of coarse aggregates)


The segregation was difficult to measure, but its occurrence can be easily detected. The susceptibility of the mix is to be tested by using the flow test method, to check that, Is the concrete segregated or not.

It may also be measured in the field. Take a cylinder mold and filed concrete in them and vibrate it for 10 min. After the mold was stripped off, then observe the distribution of particles to determine the proneness of the mix of segregation.


By handling the wet mix carefully and choosing the proper grading of aggregates, in this way the segregation may control.

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