Quantity of cement sand and aggregate calculation in slab is very easy and simple. It is very easy to calculate the how much material is required for the construction of the slabs or quantity of cement sand aggregate required in slabs. Let’s solve this example.


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Let suppose we have a two way slab having a length of 20 feet and same as width of 20 feet and use M-15 grade of concrete, Calculate the quantity of cement ,sand and aggregate that are used in a slab and thickness of the slab is 6 inches?

Given data :

Length = 20 feet

Width = 20 feet

Thickness = 7 inches



First, we calculate the volume of the slab and then this volume are converted into a wet condition to dry condition and then find out the how much material is required for the slab.


Total volume of slab

= L  x  W x H

= 20 x 20 x 0.583

= 233.2 cft

Convert wet volume to dry volume

Dry volume  = wet volume  x  1.54(Wastage of sand Bulking all included)

= 233.2  x  1.54

= 359.13 cft

Ratio of concrete    ( 1:2:4 = 7)

volume of cement

= ratio of cement / total ratio  x  volume

= 1 / 7  x 359.13

= 51.30 cft

convert this volume into cement bags. you know that 1.25 cuf in one cement bag.

= 51.30 / 1.25

= 41.04 bags.


volume of sand

= ratio of sand / total ratio  x  volume

= 2 / 7  x  51.30

= 14.65 cft.


Volume of aggregate

= ratio of aggregate / total ratio  x volume

= 4 / 7  x  51.30

= 29.31 cft.

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