Post Tension slab drawing plan reading tips

Post tensioned slab drawing plan:

Definition: post tensioned slab construction is the method of prestressing reinforced concrete in which tendons are tensioned after the concrete has attained a specified minimum strength or a specified minimum age.

Concrete is very strong in compression but lacks strength in tension.  When concrete is post tensioned, internal forces are introduced into the concrete element which place the concrete in compression and counteract the external loads.

Some of the benefits of post tensioning include:

  • Material Savings.  Post tensioning allows for thinner concrete elements and less reinforcing steel.
  • Faster Construction.  Post tensioning enables builders to accelerate pour cycles.
  • Design Flexibility.  Post tensioning allows for longer spans and fewer vertical supports.
  • Superior Performance.  Post tensioned concrete is much stronger and more durable than conventionally reinforced concrete.

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