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Modes of Transportation – its 5 [Modes and Benefits]

Modes of Transportation

Modes of transportation are designed to carry both the passengers and goods from one place to another & the different modes of transportation are used for the physical movement across the border or transport of goods and most modes of transportation can carry a combination of both passengers and goods.

A passenger plane has a belly-hold that is used for the cargo and luggage while an automobile has a capacity to carry some goods. By a set of technical, operational and commercial characteristics each mode is characterized in the term of conditions of transportation.

transportation modes

There are many modes of transportation such as air, sea, roads, and inland waterways, and all are used for the transporting of goods or passengers, and modes of transportation are an important consideration when planning the process of shipment.

When determining the form of transportation the size and weight of goods need to be evaluated and the most common modes of transportation are land transport including roads, rail, air, and water transport.

Modes of Transport:

There are many modes of transportation as discussed below;

  1. Road Transportation
  2. Rail Transportation
  3. Air Transportation
  4. Water or Maritime Transportation
  5. Multimodal Transportation

Road Transportation:

Among modes of transportation road infrastructures are large consumers of space with the lowest level of physical constraints. To support non-motorized forms of transportation, road transportation was developed at the end of the 19th century.

road transportation

The road is one of the common modes of transportation and provides a seamless movement of goods even across various countries and states. Road transportation uses certain types of vehicles such as automobiles, bicycles, vans or trucks, and buses, etc.

Benefits of Road Transportation:

There are following benefits of road transportation such as;

  1. Scheduled and quick delivery.
  2. Cost-effectiveness.
  3. Deliveries in local, over the border, even in rural areas.
  4. Flexible service.
  5. Compared to other modes of transportation this mode saves the packing cost.
  6. Complete door to door service and more economical.

Rail Transportation:

Rail transportation is also one of the commonly used modes of transportation and rails burn less fuel per ton-mile than road vehicles. With rail transportation systems heavy industries are traditionally linked and rail is a land transportation mode which offers the highest capacity with 23,000 tons.

The railways are constructed on the lands and used for the transportation of goods or people but at the end of the rail transit, a road delivery will be needed and there will be a lift cost which transfers the container between the road vehicle and the train.

rail transport

By rails longer journey tends to be less expensive and also time-saving.

Benefits of Rail Transportation:

There are following benefits of rail transportation such as;

  1. Reliable schedules and transit times.
  2. Most efficient form of land transportation.
  3. Over long distance fast and cost-effective.
  4. The safety record of rail is strong.
  5. It helps in alleviating road congestion.

Air Transportation:

World air cargo traffic to meet the demand for growth and air transport is the critical mode of transport and serves the demand speed of markets and supply chains.

Air transportation has the advantage of transporting both goods and passengers because the plane has a belly-hold which is useful for transporting cargo.

air transport

Through the air, air transport includes all the transports and air traffic is extremely well monitored for both passengers and goods and this mode of transport is commonly used over the borders.

Benefits of Air Transportation:

There are following benefits of air transportation such as;

  1. Quick transit & less handling of cargo.
  2. Less documentation.
  3. Reliable departures and arrival.
  4. For cargo enhanced level of security.

Water or Maritime Transportation:

Water or maritime transportation is the most effective mode to transport large quantities of cargo over long distances and the main routes of maritime are oceans, seas, channels, rivers, & lakes. The transportation of goods or passengers via water-ways is called maritime transportation and this type of transport is cheaper than air transport.

water transport

To facilitate maritime circulation by reducing its discontinuity the construction of channels, locks, and dredging are attempted but are highly expensive.

Benefits of Water Transportation:

There are following benefits of water or maritime transportation such as;

  1. It can transport large volumes at low cost.
  2. They can transport heavy loads.
  3. More eco-friendly.
  4. Reduces the distance compared to land transport.

Multimodal Transportation:

The utilization of more than one mode of transport is called multimodal transportation and this type of transportation is a combination of different modes of transport like rail, road, and sea which allows the customer to cost-effective shipments.

Rail networks combined with trucks and sea-air are examples of multimodal transportation and along with eco-friendliness it provides the time and cost-saving global transportation.

multi-modal transport

 Benefits of Multimodal Transportation:

There are following benefits of this transport such as;

  1. To any part of the world cargo can be moved using these modes of transport.
  2. Between the manufacturers and customers, it reduces the distance for the goods.
  3. Delivery options are cost-effective and efficient.
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