How to reduce segregation in concrete?

Hi friends,Toady I want to consider the method which will help you to understand and overcome the segregation problem in concrete, so let’s now start this important article. First I want to discuss that

How Segregation in concrete is formed?

Concrete is formed by the combination of small particles such as, Sand, Cement, Aggregate with Water. The separation of these  particles from each other is called Segregation of concrete.

Following 11 points must be kept in mind to reduce segregation:

1: The placement of concrete must be from normal height ( less than 1.8 m).

2: The combination of sand and cement in the concrete must be according to design.

3: The ratio of water and cement in the concrete must be checked.

4: Keep in mind that the dryness and wetness must be in range.

5: The way of transportation of the concrete must be correct.

6: Transport the concrete mix with possible shortest route.

7: When there is need for vibrator so use it and the vibrator should not be used for too long or short time.

8: The formwork should not be lose .

9: The tightness of formwork should be well.

10: Prevent the formwork to not vibrated.

11: The concrete should not be allowed to flow.

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