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What is the difference between Concrete  Mortar?
Dear friends,Toady I want to share some information about concrete and mortar.  These two are the different materials because both usage have different purposes. After reading this article it will be easy for you to understand difference between concrete and Mortar, now let’s  start this important article.

What is concrete?

Concrete is a material which uses for construction purposes. Concrete is formed from the raw materials such as cement, sand , crush stone with water.

Uses of concrete:

1: Concrete is used for many different purposes but it is mainly use in reinforced structure because it gives more strength as compare to mortar.

2: Concrete is also used for different building structural members such as column, beams, slabs , retaining wall and dams etc.

3: But the main important point in concrete is that it provide more strength as compare to any other materials.

What is Mortar?

Mortar is one of the important material in building materials but it is a mixture  of sand , cement with water .The main difference between concrete and Mortar is that,

1: The Mortar has high water cement ratio than concrete because concrete has low water cement ratio.

2: The Mortar has less strength as compare to concrete.

Uses of Mortar

Mortar is also used for building construction but it has not more value as concrete have in building construction.

1: Mortar is used for Plastering.

2:Use in brick masonry.

3: And those areas which need less strength.

4: Mortar is also used for filling ,smoothing and decorative purposes.

Difference between Mortar and Concrete.

1: Concrete is used for those building where strength is required while Mortar is opposite of that.

2: The ratio of cement and water is more in Mortar than concrete.

3: Mortar is used fore bricks masonry but concrete cannot used for such purposes.

4: The age of concrete can more as compared to Mortar.

5: The life time of Mortar is about from 20 to 25 years.

6: Concrete is usually used for archiving high strength but Mortar is not used for that purposes.

7: Steel bars can be used in concrete but In Mortar it is not used.

8: The thickness of concrete is high than mortar.
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