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Civil Notes (Quantity surveying, Concrete, Steel)

All important Quantity Surveying, Concrete and Steel notes are available in this Civil Notes app.

Civil engineering is one of the best and oldest discipline in engineering work. In this civil engineering app we cover up to 150+ topics related to quantity, steel and concrete. The quantity surveying is the important branch of civil engineering, because without proper quantity calculations, the construction work will not proceed smoothly. The civil engineering deal in maintaining, building, and designing in our modern society foundation. The field of civil engineering can touches in our daily life, such as in Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Tunneling, and much more.

About This app:


Civil Notes (Quantity surveying, Concrete, Steel) 1

This app is designed for fresh civil engineers to gain civil engineering knowledge under one page. In this civil engineering app, the engineers can learn a lot of things, which may use in there daily field works. This app is ideal for quantity surveyors, because we includes all important quantity surveying topics in this app. The fresh quantity surveyor can receive quality education by using this app. The quantity surveyors and civil engineers can also prepare their exam and interview questions, by using this app.You can download this app free.

Topics included in this app

  1. Quantity Calculations
  2. Concrete Notes
  3. Steel Notes

Download for Android:

Civil Notes :-

Civil Notes (Quantity surveying, Concrete, Steel) 2

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