Advantages and Disadvantages of Total Station

What is the total station?

1: It is the software.

2: it is used for the job site.

3: It is the most famous software for surveying purposes.

4: It is formed from a combination of an Electronic distance measuring device and an electronic theodolite.

5: It is formed of a microprocessor which has a memory unit used for identifying the coordinates.

Advantages and disadvantages of total station

Advantages of Total Station.

1: TH applications of laser plummets are also involved in the total station.

2: It is used to give the view of plots and lands graphically with no time.

3: It has also a role in the database. It is also used for the formation of GIS. It also gives accurate calculations that are needed for users.

4: It is also used to sketch the map of the area with dimensions If the fields jobs are completed and the data transmission is done.

5: It doesn’t require plenty of time.

6: It is used for the calculations of distance from 3 to 5 km.

Disadvantages of Total station.

1: The worker cannot able to observe at the time of working because it complicates his work.

2: To perform the work completely it’s needed to go back to the office and perform drawings with particular software.

3: The instrument is not cheap and is very expensive.

Safety measures related to the total station are the following.

1: Use both hands to hold the total station.

2: Th clamp screws should not very tight or loose.

3: Remember that the battery pack should be preserved with the battery discharge.

4: To install a tripod keep up more consistency.

5: When the tripod is fixed with the total station it should not be carried.

6: Be careful at the time of removing the tripod from the total station

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