What are the main causes of cracks in RCC slabs?

Hi Civil Engineers, Toady we will discuss some of the main causes of the cracks development in RCC slabs. After reading this article you will be able to know that why crack was formed in your slabs, Now let’s start this important article.

12 Some main causes of cracks in RCC  slabs are the following:

1: Crack formed due to compromises in concrete quality.

2: The mixture of  concrete was not mixed well.

3: The water and cement ratio in concrete was not as per design.

4: The Spacing between main and distribution bars are more.

5: Reinforcement design was not to be done in proper way.

6: Concrete cover was not sufficient according to given standards.

7: Insufficient amount of steel reinforcement.

8: Improper design of the structure.

9: When concrete was not cured well according to given standards.

10: When formwork of the concrete was not fully tight.

11: IF bending wires are not fully tight.

12: Span of the slab was more according to given standards

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