Volume of rectangular prism (Step by Step)

volume of Rectangular Prism

We calculate the different volume of a rectangular prism having a different dimension and different shapes.  All calculations are in meters, feet or in centimeters.

After this reading, you are able to do every volume calculation of prism (rectangular). By applying the same strategies which we have done in these examples.

We divided the calculation into different examples. For your better understanding first goes for less difficult examples and then for difficult ones… Let’s jump into the example

1: Example

Let’s suppose we have a rectangular prism having a length 0.9 m, width 0.5 m, and having a height 0.5 m.  Calculate the volume of the rectangular prism.

volume of rectangular prism

Given Data:

Length = 0.9 m

Width = 0.5 m

Height = 0.5 m


The solution is divided into

Step – 1

First, you have to look at the dimensions (Length, Width, Height). So the given dimensions were in meters.

Step – 2

Calculate the volume. The formula is (L x W x H). By putting the given values in this formula

Volume 1 = L x W x H

= 0.9 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m

= 0.225 meter cube Ans...

In the first we got the result of our rectangular prism is 0.225 meter cube. The same formula you can use in feet and centimeters dimensions by using the same strategy. Let’s jump into the next example.

2: Example:

Let’s suppose we have a difficult prism having different dimensions in different sections as shown in figure

Volume of rectangular prism (Step by Step) 1
It looks difficult but when you simplify it, it is very easy to calculate the volume. let’s do some math and simplify the given figure.

Volume of rectangular prism (Step by Step) 2


So we divide the rectangular pyramid into 3 rectangles. let’s do some math to calculate volume. (L x W x H)

Rectangle 1 = (0.8 m x 0.9 m x 0.5 m) = 0.36 meter cube

Rectangle 2 = (0.8 m x (0.9 – o.o5 – o.05) m x 0.5 m) = 0.32 meter cube

Rectangle 3 = (0.8 m x 0.7 m x 0.5 m) = 0.28 meter cube

By adding the rectangle 1,2,3 we get the total Volume of  rectangular prism.

= 0.36 + 0.32 + 0.28

= 0.96 meter cube Ans…

So the whole prism have a 0.96 meter cube volume. In this way, the calculation was done. Let’s jump into the next example for more understanding.

3 Example

Let’s suppose we have a loading truck. Its backside is in rectangular and we have to calculate its Volume. (as shown in the figure.

Volume of rectangular prism (Step by Step) 3

The calculation is very easy and simple just like we do in the first example.

Given Data:

Length = 15 ft

Width = 7.5 ft

Height = 7.5 ft


same first we note its dimension and then proceed its next calculation.

= (L x W x H)

= 15 x 7.5 x 7.5

= 843.75 cubic feet Ans…

So the truck storage volume is 843.75 cubic feet. In this way the calculation was done you may

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