Type of Loads Acting on a Structure and buildings:

Hello, friends toady I want to share very important information about loads on structure and building. I will discuss today definitions and importance of structure and building ,so let’s get start .

What is structure?

The structure was to be define as the arrangement between the parts or elements of something complex.

Following are the some types of loads:

    • Live loads
    • Dead loads
    • Settlement loads
    • Dynamic loads
    • Thermal loads.

Now I will discuss each load individually

1: Dead load:

Those types of loads of structure which are dead means these loads was not able to move.  they such as walls, columns, space frame, cladding materials, beams, partition walls and weight other permanent service instrument HVAC or plumbing.

2:Live Loads:

The live load is defined as all other loads except dead loads operating on the structure. The live loads contain all the weights which can move from one place to another such as Human, furniture, fixtures etc.

3: Dynamic Loads:

The load which produce b the vibration is called dynamic loads. Particular attention should be given to dynamic loads. The dynamics loads have very strong vibration effects.

4: Settlement and Thermal loads:

We know that due to change in temperature all building materials expand or contract. For physical separation of structure expansion joints are provided which protect the structure from damage.

Classification of structural systems

Bearing wall , frame structure membrane and suspension structure, lintel structure, tension structure etc.

Load bearing construction:

This is the type of construction in which wall act as load carrying element. At the earliest time the load bearing masonry construction was properly mean for tall buildings. But at the current time it is used fore small structures.


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