Skirting Tiles – Its 3 Uses, Installation and Purposes

Skirting Tiles

Skirting tiles are laid in the corner of a wall and floor junction and becoming a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, where wooden skirting boards are more likely to get damaged or damp.

To go round the edge of the wall that joins the floor, these tiles are made and as floor tiles, these are of the same strong materials.

skirting tiles

For a fresh look try mixing skirting tiles boards with laminate flooring if you want to join the trendsetters. Choose a modern ceramic tile that imitates stone, and aim for colors that match the hue of your wood floor to really bring out the main tones of the room for the best result.

You can either match the skirting to the floor or walls or create contrast with decorative border tiles and you can really put your personality into the room.

Installation of Skirting Tiles:

In the same way as any other type of tile, this tile is installed and the wall surface must be level, clean and smooth.

  1. By laying it on top of the floor tile and up against the wall you can dry-fit the skirting.
  2. With the same cutters, you used on the floor version you can also cut the skirting tiles.
  3. Attach backer board as needed and spread the adhesive on the board and into the adhesive press the skirting tile.
  4. To maintain consistency, you can insert plastic spacers between tiles and wipe off any excess adhesive.
  5. Then to set the tile into the adhesive use a mallet and leveler, and grout the joints using the paste.
  6. Apply grout sealer as needed once the grout has cured and wiped away any excess grout.

Uses of Skirting Tiles:

The options are endless when it comes to styling skirting tiles. To use this type of tile, here are a few of the best ways to use such as;

  1. Floor Skirting Tiles
  2. Wall Skirting Tiles
  3. Border Skirting Tiles

Floor Skirting Tiles:

To create a neat skirting board that blends the two surfaces with a clean finish you can use additional floor tiles and for modern kitchens with a tile floor and block color painted walls, this is a classic look that works well.

floor skirting tiles

Wall Tiles:

You can pick a contrasting colored tile to create a bold skirting between the wall and floor if your walls are also tiled and if you have similar colored tiles on the walls and floor then this is an effective look.

wall skirting tiles

If you love Victorian or Period-style décor, it is also perfect.

Border Tiles:

You can consider buying special border tiles to separate the floor and walls for a really striking look and there are many approaches you could take such as stay classic with a block color that cleanly divides the two tiles or you can select for a patterned tile to either complement or clash if you are feeling more adventurous.

border skirting tiles

Purposes of Skirting Tiles:

There are the following purposes of these tiles such as;

To Avoid Making Dirt Marks on Wall;

To protect the beauty of wall bottoms while cleaning the floor with mops without leaving the dirt mark on the wall bottom, the skirting tiles are mainly used.

To Avoid Wall Damage:

To damage the walls it is the most common one which is used and we use skirting tiles to avoid that damaged wall.

wall damage

Decorative Purpose:

For decorative purposes, these tiles will be used especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

decorative purpose

For Cleaning Purpose:

For cleaning purposes these tiles are used and as we know that painted walls get dirty due to regular mopping and cleaning so these tiles are used to avoid that.

cleaning purpose


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