The Self-consolidating concrete has the high ability to fill and flow through heavy reinforcement areas under its own weight as we mention early.

The S.C.C has slightly similar cement binders and water-cement ratios as compared to the ordinary concrete mix. The S.C.C give us a slightly higher strength because, without the use of the vibrator at the concrete pouring time, it will improve the bond between the concrete Hardened paste and Aggregates.

The Self-consolidating concrete can be poured into the slabs or in columns more than the height of 5 m because in S.C.C the segregation of aggregate will not occur thanks to its design. The S.C.C concrete can be poured at a fast velocity as compared to the regular concrete pouring time.



The Self-consolidating concrete S.C.C has different physical properties as compared to the regular concretes.


In S.C.C concrete the cement Grade 43 is used. The Physical properties of cement must meet according to IS: 8112.

Physical propertyRatios
Fineness (Cement will retain on 90-mm sieve)8-10 mm
Normal Consistency28%
Initial setting time (minutes)75 (30 Min)
final setting time (minutes)215 (600 Max)
Crushing strength 3-days later23 MPa (22 Min)
Crushing strength 7-days later36 MPa (33 Min)
Crushing strength 28 days later45 MPa (43 Min)


The Fine aggregates use in concrete must have 4.75 mm maximum in size and the coarse aggregate which is also called crushed stone having a 16 mm maximum size. The fine and coarse aggregate must be according to IS: 383-1970.

Physical testsCoarse aggregateFine aggregate
Specific gravity2.672.66
Fineness modulus6.862.32
Bulk density1540 (kg/m3)1780 (kg/m3)



  1. S.C.C concrete always consolidates under its own weight.
  2. Water reduction.
  3. Simple and easy placing.
  4. Excellent flow even around heavy reinforcement areas.
  5. Beautiful finishing will be received.
  6. Having high strength.
  7. Having a consistent in the Flow and Slump.
  8. Significantly reduce labour or equipment costs.
  9. Reduce time of placing concrete.
  10. Less concrete quantity consumption as we compare to the normal concrete consumption.

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