House Construction Cost | 3 Categories, & Material Prices

House Construction Cost

The house construction cost depends on what quality of construction you want and construction prices are different according to high, very high, and normal construction.

Before you start a construction, a lot of information and planning is needed for house construction cost and it is not an easy task and there is always a settled budget and people want to manage all the things within that budget.

First of all, you need to know the cost of everything by yourself and to get the information regarding this before starting construction it is very difficult.

house construction cost

According to the quality, the prices of materials are different and the price will be high if you choose high-quality substances and you have to pay accordingly if you choose a normal or low material. In order to have more finishing and quality work then your priority should be good material and there are many companies and brands from which you need to choose the right one.

The Size of Plot:

According to the size of your property, you will choose everything and do not depend completely on labor which is involved in the construction of the house. According to the needs and requirements of your property size, you need to select all things and in these matters, the labor is not very much trustable and you have to consider all by yourself.

size of plot

According to the size and type of your property, the cost and material would be decided for house construction costs.

Make Categories:

Then in the next procedure moves forward into the phase of making a list of all the things needed during construction such as;


There are some basic materials as listed below;

  1. Bricks
  2. Crush
  3. Cement
  4. Steel
  5. Sand


You will need labor for different purposes such as;

  1. Electricity
  2. Plumbing
  3. Steel Fixes
  4. Labor
  5. Out-worker

Other Works:

There are some other works as listed below;

  1. Electricity Items
  2. Plumbing Items
  3. Pipes and Chips
  4. Mud and Tiles
  5. Boring
  6. Bitumen
  7. Polythene sheets
  8. Paint

Prices of Construction Materials:

The rates are increased very remarkably in markets as the real estate sector is flourishing very much and it is becoming a very prominent business nowadays because people are making new houses. You need to update yourself regarding the prices of all the things related to the construction if you have made a contract with the contractor along with the material.

It is necessary to save yourself from any kind of fraud or from out of budget. Grey structure which includes plastering, concrete, flooring, sanitary, and sewerage whose rate ranges from 1400 to 1600 per square ft and the houses built with grey material are the best quality and kinds. According to the very high, medium, and normally good quality of the material, we can categorize the house construction cost.

House Construction Cost:

According to very high, high and normal construction, the construction prices are different as listed below;

  1. 4000 to 4500 Rs. per Square ft is the rate of highly luxurious construction.
  2. The next is high construction which is low than the first but it is also good in quality and costs are 3500 to 3800 Rs. per square ft.
  3. The next class is also available where construction per square ft costs range from Rs 3000 to 3200.

Tiles Prices:

  1. In the first category, you need a high and top material that is highly luxurious construction and the quality tiles for this type of construction are 2500 to 3000 Rs. per sqm and 3500 Rs per sqm is the cost of bathroom tiles.
  2. The second category is also good and luxurious but low than the first quality and prices in this type are 1800 Rs per sqm and 2200 Rs. Per sqm is the cost of bathroom tiles.
  3. The third category is low then the both mentioned before and the prices of tiles are low then the other two categories such as the tiles rate is 1600 Rs. per sqm while 1800 Rs. Per sqm is the price of bathroom tiles.

Rates of Cement:

During the estimation of house construction cost it is a very important and basic element and the price according to 50 KG bag is Rs 590 per bag.

cement bag 50 kg

Rates of Bricks:

Without bricks, you cannot make a home but price may change from time to time and the market price of grade 1 bricks ranges from Rs 800 to 1000. Estimation of bricks is important to factor in house construction costs.


Rates of Steel:

Steel is a very important element in the estimation of house construction cost and in different places, steel is used crucially and very much, and to home or a building, it gives a strong effect. 86,000 Rs. per Ton is the market rate of steel and in quality, it has to be very good.

properties of steel bars

Rates of Sand:

The market rate of sand is different and it is a very important element and in the range of 3200 to 4500 Rs. per trolley, it is usually available. In the estimation of house construction cost, the price of the sand is an also important aspect.


There are other things apart from the main things such as plasterwork price is 15 Rs. per square ft, the marble work price is 20 Rs. per square ft, and the price of Masonry’s work is 25 Rs. per square ft.


During the construction of your dream home or any other type, it is very crucial and favorable to be updated about the prices of the building material which would help you greatly and about the quality and market rates you need to have a clear idea. To live peacefully and happily it is very important to have a safe and trustable construction.

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