Foundation Repair – its 4 [Mind Blowing methods of repair]

Foundation Repair

It is important to diagnose the cause of the cracks and their effects on the building structure before repairing a foundation. Significance of any foundation crack depends on the cause, shape, size, pattern, location and foundation material and possibly other factors. If there is a problem underlying that causes movement or damage to the foundation, that problem needs to be corrected.

Descending floors that cause the floor to separate from its floor, cracks in the brick or blocks of the walls, cracks in steps, floor, floor tiles, cant open or close doors, overlapping of cracked wall parts, etc are all the causes of a damaged foundation.

foundation repair

For the homes, a problem with the foundation will reduce the overall value of your home and its appearance. Your home’s foundation is most important structure of entire house because it controls all the weight of the home or any building. The foundation also distributes the weight of the house along the walls which keep the structure well.

So the foundation is the most important for every building if it damages it effects all the building and its load and also on the structure. So, there are many methods for repairing the cracked or damaged foundations.

Causes Of Foundation Damage:

There are many causes of foundation damage such as:

  1. Built on expensive clay
  2. Built on improperly compacted fill soil
  3. The area around the foundation has poor drainage
  4. The area with extreme seasonal changes
  5. Plumbing leak below your building
  6. Tree roots are growing close to the foundation
  7. Damaged by earthquake or flood
  8. Soil moisture
  9. Poor construction
  10. Poor materials used in foundation


Methods For Repairing Damaged Foundation:

There are many methods of repairing the foundation as given below:

1: Sealants In Foundation Repair:

The simple cracks can be treated with masonry patches but regular maintenance is encouraged. Polyurethane, epoxy and hydraulic cement are some of the sealers used in the minor cracks. It is only favorable with minor cracks.

Sealants In Foundation Repair

2: Mud Jacking In Foundation Repair:

In the slab jacking process by concrete or mud mixture, to add the water and additives the mixture is spooned into a concrete mixture. The final mixture is then shifted to the portable pump and then the pump can move to a specific location. Then the mixture is pumped into the drilled holes using hoses. In the slab jacking process, only the process of injecting the foam into the holes is needed.

In a short period of time, the foam expands its volume by nearly 25 times and sets to a rigid material but this foam slab jacking is expensive as compared to mud jacking. Slab jacking is the common process to regain the position by pumping cement mixture.

Mud concrete foam Jacking In Foundation Repair

3: Piering Or Piling In Foundation Repair:

In this type of repairing steel or concrete piers used to resettle the foundation but there is a difference between piercing and piling. By excavation, the piercing can be done while driving piles into the ground piling can be done. Some verities in use are:

  1. Steel pressed piling
  2. Concrete pressed piling and
  3. Bell bottom piercing.

Piering Or Piling In Foundation Repair

4: Soil Modification In Foundation Repair Method:

To make the soil stiffer and stable than previous soil modification process is used. In this, the voids within the soil layers are filled by some chemicals. The process is like slab jacking. This method needs a well-trained guide and more knowledge and also the cost and maintenance are high.

This method has a fast response, less damage to the structure, a long-lasting and also friendly environment.

Soil Modification In Foundation Repair


Foundation Repair For Homes:

There are six simple steps for the repairing of the home foundation:             

Step 1: Determine Cause OF problem

Concert a foundation expert to learn what is causing damage to the foundation. These professionals will suggest repair solutions.


Step 2: Dig Around Foundation:

If the cracks appear outside from your home or foundation is sinking then begin digging a hole at that point, the hole should be deep enough to reach under the damaged area. If you have a full basement you have to excavate the area.


Step 3: Insert Concrete Piling:

Thread several concrete pilings, run a cable to bottom of a hole. You should use at least seven pilings and place a concrete cap over the top piling once the piling is in place.


Step 4: Lift Foundation

Over the concrete cap place hydraulic jacks and slowly lift the foundation back to its original place. For allowing the foundation to settle on cylinders, insert concrete cylinders to take the place of hydraulic jacks.


Step 5: Back Fill

To make sure the foundation stays at the correct level, leave the foundation exposed for a few weeks. When the concrete is secure and you are sure it is going to hold the foundation backfill the soil.


Step 6: Fix Crack:

With the patch, cement fills the cracks of both sides. Press the cement into the cracks until they are full and smooth the area with a trowel.

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