The errors in the placement of reinforcement. The Proper reinforcement fabrication in the concrete construction is very important. There are some errors in the placement of reinforcement which may occur due to some different causes and other factors. In this article we are going to discuss 10 of them which are

1: Improper spacing of the reinforcement (Main,Distribution).

2: Inadequate lap length.

3: At the continuous edge of the slab, the discontinuity of reinforcement may occur.

4: Improper anchorage of the main reinforcement.

5: With respect to the member depth ineffective reinforcement was provided.

6: Improper spacing of rings(Stirrups,Ties).

7: Bar with less diameter was used.

8: Concrete cover may not properly provided.

9: The use of the rusted reinforcement in the construction.

10: Non uniform concrete cover of the reinforcement.

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