What is Difference between bridge and flyover?

Dear friends,in this lecture today we will discuss the main difference between bridge and flyover, After reading this article you will able to know the main difference between bridge and flyover, let’s get start.


We will discuss their difference separately but always keep in mind we use different names of the same thing depending on their use and location.

First we will discuss basically what are both things,

What is bridge?

Bridge are constructed to Connect the two different points.

The length of the bridge totally depend on the Gap between the two points.

The bridges was to be built for Transportation such as car, buses, trains etc.

The construction of the bridge is Difficult as compare to flyover.

The Bridges was mainly constructed over the River, Valley etc.

Use of bridge.

The bridges was usually built for transportation purposes.

What is flyover?

 ⇒ This is also use for connection purposes but it is usually built over roads as a over pass.

⇒ Usually flyover is built only for vehicles.

⇒ The design of flyover is elaborated.

⇒ The flyover is built in that areas where the roads are congested.

Advantages of Flyover.

There are a lot of the advantages we have some of the advantage are listed below.

1: It  reduces the traffic problems over the congested roads.

2: It provides more easy way to prevent congestion and to navigate the traffic.

3: It also facilitate the pedestrians.

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