Cutting length of circular stirrups

The cutting length of the circular stirrup is done by using simple and easy formula. The Rings or commonly called ties to avoid the lateral deformation of the reinforcement when we are pouring the concrete in the column The longitudinal bars in the column may change their position or alignment when we pour concrete and use a vibrator.

circular stirrups

Let’s solve this example for your better understanding.


Suppose we are using a circular stirrup in a column and a column having a radius of 500 mm (X-section). The clear cover in the column will be 40 mm and the stirrup bar is going to use is 10mm.

  1. Calculate the cutting length of the circular stirrup.
  2. Also, calculate the weight

Given data:

Radius = 500 mm            <dia=radius/2>

Clear cover = 40mm

Dia of bar  = 10mm


First, we have to find out the radius of the bar that is used in the stirrup. so the radius of steel bar is

R= Total radius of stirrup – clear cover – half of bar dia

R= 500 – 40 – 5

R= 455mm

Cutting length of circular stirrup:


= 2πR + hook – bend

= 2πR + (2 x 10d) – (2 x 2d)       <d is dia of bar>

= 2 x 3.14 x 456 + (2 x 10 x 10) – (2 x 2 x 10)

= 2863 + 160 – 40

= 2983mm or 2.983m Ans…

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