Reading column construction drawing plane is very easy and simple just need your little concentration. The video is in Hindi or in Urdu. We also provide you with an English transition related to this video. After watching this video you can also read this article to clear your basic concepts.

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In this video, he explain how we read the column construction drawing which is provided at site. It is very important to all fresh civil engineers to properly understand it because when you are supervising the construction work you must construct the column according to given drawing.

what is sutar?


Sutar is basically the diameter of the bar. In 1 inch we have 8 sutar or approximately 25 mm. so when we talk to #3 sutar means we have a bar having a diameter 10 mm.


In this drawing 5 column plan was shown. C1,C2,C3,C4 and C5.


Let’s take the example of C1 Column. In column layout plans at that places over C1 is written means the cross-section of the column should be according to this given data. The means length of the column will be 9 inches and the width of the column will be 9 inches means 9 x 9.

Reinforcement Detail:

The longitudinal bar will be 4 and having a diameter #4 sutar means 12 mm. When w see the rings drawing means ties drawing the ties bars diameter will be #3 sutar means 10 mm and having a 8-inch center to center spacing. Means when we placed the first ring the next ring will be 8 inch away from the first ring. The each rings space will be 8 inches.

In this drawing, we notice 3 types of the column the C1 column is a square column because the cross-section of the column is 9 x 9 inches. The C2,C3, and C5 will be rectangular because the length and width of the column were changed not the same. When we talk about column C4 we notice the shape of the column will be L.

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