Top 10 Civil Engineers Questions:

1: what ratio of cement and sand should be taken for different grades of concrete mix?
ANSWER: The following ratio should be taken for various grades of concrete mixture

M10 _ 1:3:6

M15 _  1:2:4

M20 _ 1:1.5:3

M25 _ 1:1:2

M30 _ 1:1:1

2: What is the unit weight of steel?
Answer :The unit weight of steel

The unit weight of steel is 78.5KN/m

3: What should be the difference between one way and two way slabs?
Difference between one way and two way slabs:
For one way slab
Longer span ratio / shorter span ratio should be greater than 2
For two way slab

Longer span ratio/shorter span ratio<=2

4: What should be the least cover for different RCC members?
Least cove for different RCC members
Footing = 50 mm
Column = 40 mm
Beam = 25 mm

Slab = 20 mm

5:What do you know about moment of inertia?
Moment of inertia
It is the ability of body to prevent angular acceleration. it is the sum of all particles of the body with its square distance from the axis of rotation.
6:Describe the unit weight of concrete.
The unit weight of concrete
The unit weight of concrete always depends on the type of aggregates and number of voids.We know that as per Is

:456_200 unit weight of pcc is 24KN/m3 and RCC is 25KN/m3

7:What should be the length of crank in the slab?
Length of the crank in  slab

The length of a crank in the slab should be 0.42D .Here D is the Depth of slab _Top cover _Bottom cover.

8:What is honeycomb in concrete?

The honeycomb is formed during casting of concrete it is also called airpocket.

9:Describe the initial and final setting time of ideal cement mixture.
Initial and final setting time of ideal cement mixture

30 minutes time is required initially for ideal cement and fore all kinds of cemens but for masonry cement it may be 90 minutes.Final setting time for ideal cement mixture is 10 hours.But for masonry cement time is 24hours.

10:Discuss the types of slumps.
The types of slumps are the following
1:Collapse slump:
2:True slump:
3:Shear slump.
4:zero slump:
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