Checklist before shuttering work fixed at the site is very important. Basically Shuttering is also known as Formwork. Shuttering is a Part of the civil engineering construction works because shuttering helps to get the structure for its desired shape.

The formwork will be kept in their supporting position of the concrete at least 24 hours to 48 hours after the concrete is poured but the removal time also depends on the type of the concert weight, the span of the specimen and also some other factors. If the shuttering is removed too quickly beyond it’s given designed an accident may occur at the site.

Checklist for shuttering or Formwork is very important for safe construction. Generally Shuttering use in concrete construction. Fresh concrete is poured to harden subsequently. It bears all types of dead and live loads during construction. Quality of concrete may be affected when if the Shuttering is not properly aligned.

Three types of Checklist for shuttering or Formwork was done at the site.

1. Checklist During Fixing.

2. Checklist During Concreting.

3. Checklist During  Removal.


1. Check the design of shuttering if any problem reports it.

2. Checking the Props, Balies, etc are properly aligned.

3. The alignment of the shuttering Rigidity and levelling is to be check.

4. Checking the spans of the shuttering. Is the span of the shuttering is according to formwork drawing?

5. Checking the braces are properly provided.

6. Check the formwork panels holes, sealing joints are to be fixed or not.


1. The experienced supervisor must present at the site.

2. The proper platform was constructed for workers.

3. The required number of spare props, clamps, bolts, etc are provided at the site.

4. Concrete pouring is done according to given Formwork drawing.

5. The alignment (verticality) of camber, plumb, etc was checked.

6. The Top and Bottom reinforcement are placed according to given drawing.

7. The Clear Cover of the reinforcement steel provided according to specification.

8. Concreting is done within the allowable limits shown on working drawing or as assumed while designing the formwork against lateral pressures.


1. Formwork as soon as it is removed, cleaned with a stiff brush.

2. At the time of removal of shuttering on sides, corners and edges not damaged.

3. The Concrete Surface is proper Good, Level according to drawing.

4. Bolts, Nuts, clamps, wedges collected in a box and not dropped carelessly.

5. If the surface is not proper repair required or not?

All support which is used in the formwork systems have to be height adjustable because the formwork will be placed at the correct height and formwork can be removed after the concrete is cured and proper curing is done. Normally in formwork, adjustable metal props are used in these days.

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