The quantity of Shuttering oil calculation is very simple and also very easy just need your little concentration. The shuttering oil is very important in every temporary shuttering structure because shuttering oil works as a releasing agent between shuttering and the concrete.

Before calculating the shuttering oil quantity calculation you must understand the following concepts.

What is Shuttering oil?

The shuttering oil having a grease type texture. It is basically used to provide a greasing to the top surface of the shuttering sheets/plates etc. to receive a good and better finish after concrete get their required strength.

Why we use Shuttering Oil?


The shuttering oil is used in wood and also in steel shuttering plates. By using shuttering oil over the wood or steel plates/Sheets etc. the plates can remove very easily when the concrete get their desire strength. The shuttering oil helps us to receive a smooth and better finish of the concrete surface.

For your better understanding lets solve this example.


Suppose we have a shuttering surface area 200 meter square, and the surface of the formwork is pigment-free.

1. Calculate the required oil for wood shuttering and their price?

2. Also, calculate the required oil for steel shuttering plates and their price?

Given Data:

Shuttering Area = 200 Meters square.

Shuttering Surface = Pigment Free.

The quantity of oil =?


The calculation of shuttering oil is done into two parts first we calculate the quantity of shuttering oil for wood shuttering and then we calculate the steel shuttering.

Wood Shuttering:

For pigment-free wood shuttering. By practical experience and practice, it is assumed that 1 Litter shuttering oil can cover up to 30 to 40-meter square area in pigment-free wood shuttering.

Shuttering oil = Total area / 1 litter oil covering area.

= 200 / 30.

= 6.67  litters Ans…

For wood shuttering price calculation we must know the price of 1 litter shuttering oil. Suppose the 1 litter shuttering oil price is 300 Rs/-

Price = (Required oil) Multiply by (1 litter shuttering oil price).

= 6.67 x 300

= 2001 Rs/- Ans…

Steel Shuttering:

By our experience and daily practice. It is assumed that the 1 Litter shuttering oil can cover up to 60 to 70-meter square area in pigment-free steel plates.

Shuttering oil = Total area / 1 litter covering area.

= 200 / 60

= 3.34 Litters Ans…

For steel shuttering price calculation, we must assume or known the price of 1 litter shuttering oil. Suppose the 1 litter shuttering oil price is 400 Rs/-

Oil Price = (Required oil) X (1 litter shuttering oil price).

= 3.34 x 400

= 1336 Rs/- Ans…

So in the pigment-free wood shuttering, the oil will be required about 6.67 litters and in steel shuttering it is about 3.34 litters.

Note: These quantities are approx quantity not fixed quantity but it is slightly more or less to the actual quantity.

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